Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Abyssea XP is insane!

I thought my previous post was going to be the last one before I leave for my vacation but seems I was wrong. xD

Last night I was about to go to bed when a friend invited me to come level in Abyssea. Of course there was no way I could turn down an offer like that!

Waiting for everyone to gather.


And off we go!



Magic pewpewpew!


The whole activating the right lights at the start is a bit confusing to me but thank goodness our leaders knew what they were doing. I was just the little Bard who helped the other Bard pull and was on perma sleep duty. :D


WTF ding lv79?! I was 76 when we started lol.


Ice Magic is pretty. *___*


Holy Smokes, lv80! *_____*/


I took the time to zoom in the the stuff we were killing and they are actually darn cute. O.o"


We entered at around 11.15pm my time and I left at 3.15am. I went from lv76 to lv80 with a 40k buffer and I got around 40k Cruor. Just before I left we even hit the XP cap of 600xp per mob. Simply amazing.


That was one of the most fun experiences I have had in a long time. It's just very strenuous on the Bards. Even with two of us Karaek and myself died quite a few times since bats tend to either link or randomly pop on top of you and aggro. xD Thanks everyone, I had an amazing time and now I can go into my holidays feeling happy and content. :D

Ooh, I splurged and got myself a full Teal Set. Bard only gets situational uses out of it (Feet for Lullaby and Elegy, Hat for stoneskin and cure set etc., Body almost same as Errant/Osode for enfeebles) but I wanted it anyway. I like the look of it on a Taru, now I look like a blue smurf RDM. xD



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