Friday, July 23, 2010

Even more Abyssea Escapades. O.O/

Wow, another post this has to be a record haha. xD

So last night I was just sitting at home playing some FFIV DS when a friend asked me on MSN whether I would like to come level in Abyssea again. When I heard that I was allowed to come on my SAM I immediately ran over to Tahrongi. xD

Abyssea seems a bit changed since the emergency maintenance, it took us an hour longer than usual to increase XP. I did however go from lv75 (uncapped xp, no buffer) to halfway through lv78. :D





I was up until 4am so I slept in today till who knows when. xD When I logged onto the game this afternoon I saw my buddy Konda was in Abyssea levelling. So I jokingly sent him a tell saying to recommend me if a spot opens up. Sure enough 10mins later I was asked to come. :D


Setup was not as good as our usual ones but it was a lot of fun. Only problem was that XP did not want to increase. Took ages for my XP to become decent. Guess SE really did change something or there are still knuts and bolts to be sorted out.


I did ding lv80 in the end. Can't believe it really. Wanted to finish my DNC and WAR subs and get rose strap before lvling my SAM again but now my SAM is 80 already haha.


Once I get back from my vacation I'll need to look into tweaking my SAM a bit, but for now I am content. I did quite well in Abyssea even though I am missing a Rose Strap. (Means I can't use Dusk Gloves instead of Hachiman Gloves).

Of course I also got some Perle Gear. Body for when Acc is capped, feet for Y/G/K and hands for my Pentathrust Set. :D



Fancy taru is fancy. *____*/


Also found my AF BRD set in storage and had to wear it for a day, Hobo Taru! <3


Went to visit a friend in Bastok but was distracted by the fountain. Us tarus sure are easy to distract haha. xD


Also caught some fishies since my taru-piggybank almost completely empty. ;_;"


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Klasher said...

Heey Buttons :P,

I hope you still remember me...

Anyways, FF XIV is coming soon =D
Did you pre-order the limited collector's edition?
I think you did, seeing how positive you are about the beta ^^.

Anyways, I always wanted to play FF XI with you but couldn't because I didn't have a credit card and there were no real other paying options for me.

So, now that FF XIV is coming I can play! (well, I hope) But I did pre-order the limited collector's edition and I was hoping we could maybe play together =). The more the merrier right? ^^

I'm sure your friends from FF XI will be coming too, but I thought it would be easier and more fun if I could start with someone I know. Someone I can talk to right from the start =3

I hope you don't mind and will let me play with you =D



P.S. Love your screenies! Hope you will continue this with FF XIV.