Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Taru's Adventures in Tôkyô..

Hey guys, it's been a while. As some of you know I was back home in South Africa for a while and now I am in Tôkyô, Japan for an entire month.

Before I left for Japan I was able to test out the FFXIV closed beta for a bit and I must say, I was impressed. :D




Tôkyô has been amazing so far. Akihabara has to be the best place in the world for anyone who loves games, I know that I already spent too much money there haha. These are my pickups so far. I even got those Dengeki Ryôdan FFXI books that I wanted. :D



Visited the Tôkyô Tower last night, was amazing.


FFXIV is pretty hyped over here. Every electronic store in Akihabara has the trailer playing 24/7 and the posters are everywhere. I'll be back home on October 2nd and am looking forward to FFXIV's release.

As for my plans for FFXI, I still want to continue playing. I'm just behind atm, need to level my subs again for the new level cap release.

I'm off to the Square Enix shop today and hope they still have the Taru figurines on sale, so wish me luck guys.

I'll update some more at a later time, have fun in Eorzea and Vana'diel everyone, and remember to be nice to little Tarus! :D

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