Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buttons goes to the Tokyo Game Show

Hey guys.

Today I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Tokyo Game Show, so I thought I'd share a few photos. :)

Even though I had my ticket a few days in advance, we still had to stand in line for roughly 2 hours before we were able to enter. There were just way too many people. It was so hot today I almost melted, not to mention the sunburn I got while waiting outside lol.


It was really impressive, there was soo much to see and do, but due to the amount of people you had to stand in a queue whether you wanted to play something, just watch a preview or buy items. @,@

This giant Sora was next to the SE booth.


Giant Chocobo floating above the booth.


Since I had read online that there would be FFXIV merchandise on sale, I decided to stand in another line, this time for the Square-Enix merchandise booth. Took roughly an hour until I was in front. I was given a sheet with all items listed as well as a pen and was able to look at the glass cabinets and decide what I wanted.



I really wanted to take better photos of all the cool merchandise but the employes were constantly ushering us forwards and I was being knocked around non-stop by tiny little Japanese girls going bonkers trying to take photos of Kingdom Hearts statues lol...


Looky, FFXIV Moogle in the cabinet! They also had amazingly cool Guild-Leve keychains but at 1800 Yen each I didn't even wanna think about purchasing one. :/



Just so you guys have an idea of how crowded it was today... @,..,@


The side of the SE booth:



Square Enix were soo strict today. No photographs were allowed near the trailer screens. And if you wanted to see the FFXIII versus and Agito trailers you had to stand in a be selected to stand in front of the werent allowed to watch from the sidelines, so at the end of the day I still did not see any Agito footage since we were constantly shushed away and screw standing in a line for 40 mins to see 10mins of footage. :/

I did however manage to snag one photo of the Dissidia 012 vid. xD


The Monster Hunter 3 PSP booth was insane. The people over here really love these games. :D


Level 5 had footage as well as demos of the studio Ghibli Ps3 RPG Ni no Kuni. Photography was forbidden but camera slipped... >:3 *ebil Taru*


So you guys have probably been wondering...Buttons waited over an hour to go shopping at the SE booth, so what did he get?

A FFXIV Moogle!! :D I thought I was too old for plushies but this guy is so cool. xD


I also picked up something I wanted for a while, my own Prinny!


And on another note, I picked up a few random Taru figurines in Nakano the other day. I spent way too much money on them and ended up with 3 Arujido Marujido and still no Shantotto. The only Shantotto on sale was 2300 yen. ;__;

I'm just gonna buy a Shantotto on ebay once I get back home to Germany, it's so rare over here in the figurine stores it's insane. ;_;



mithraprincess said...

Ok I am seriously jealous that you could but that moogle! I don't think they will ever let the US have access to it :(

CidBahamut said...

Moogle + Prinny shopping bag is just too awesome for words. Looks like you've been having fun over there :)