Monday, September 20, 2010

What is to become of Buttons?

Hey guys. :D

With FFXIV right around the corner I have had a lot of things running through my mind. Since I am in Japan for two more weeks I am unfortunately going to miss the CE release and 1-2 days of the official release. Since I am away from home, I was also sadly unable to try the Open Beta. I have however been following all FFXIV related news online and I have been gawking at all the FFXIV posters and trailers on display in Akihabara. xD

Now the question remains, what is to become of little Buttons? To be honest I have no clue. The FFXI updates seem amazing, but due to my holiday to South Africa and now my one month stay in Japan I have been absent from FFXI for weeks. A part of me will always love my little Taru to bits, but another part of me just does not want to level subs yet again, then get 4 merits and those 5 seals to unlock the new genkai, followed by burning to 85 in Abyssea.

FFXIV seems so new and shiny, Buttons is going to go on an adventure into a foreign world. :D My FFXI account will stay active and I will definately log in every now and then. I just think I won't do any events anymore for the time being and try and see what I want to be doing. I'll be focusing on FFXIV primarily but I have a feeling I'll still continue to play FFXI, especially if I get tired in FFXIV waiting for an expansion or something.

With the start of FFXIV I find myself in another dilemma. My friends. :( I had hoped to be able to coerce all my friends into playing on the same server, but sadly it's impossible. My FFXI Social Linkshell is heading over to Lindblum server, my friends Fievel and Snick are going to another server and another close friend is going to head over to Mysidia.

Believe me, it has not been an easy decision at all. :( I am still not 100% sure of where I am going to end up, but I think I am going to head over to Mysidia with a close friend and have a fresh new start. Hopefully I'll meet many cute and friendly little Tarus...erm Lalafell. :3 I'll miss my social LS a lot, I have met countless fun and funny people in my time with SecretFellowship. Maybe I'll transfer over to Lindblum at a later stage, but I think for now that a fresh adventure in Mysidia could be a lot of fun. :D

Before I headed to Tokyo, I was able to try Phase 3 of the Closed Beta. When I got back from my holiday to South Africa I had 3 weeks back home. I had bought a brand new PC for FFXIV as well as a new monitor, new speakers and a shiny XBOX 360 Windows wireless controller. :D


i7 870 @ 2.93Ghz

4 GB Ram

Gigabyte nvidia Geforce 460 GTX 1GB

Gigabyte H55M- USB3 motherboard

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.



Am very happy with my new PC and FFXIV ran pretty well on it.

To close off this post, here are my FFXIV Phase 3 CB screenshots. FFXIV release hype wooot. :D

Warning, incoming image dump! :D

































Hope my screenies got you guys hyped a bit for the game. :D

I'm still in Japan till next Friday and tomorrow we're going to Disneyland and on Wedsnesday to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo.

It's been amazing here in Tokyo but I am looking forward to going back home. I'll be back on October 1st so with luck I'll see you guys in FFXIV on October 2nd. :) Still need to decide on a starter city, but Ul'dah seems fascinating. *__*


Anonymous said...

Really don't think Lalafell are as cute as tarus ; ;

Buttons said...

I agree. I still find Tarus way cuter and will always be a Taru at heart. But Lalafell have grown on me and I think trying out a new game will be fun. FFXI really burned me out with the constant gear chase. :)

mithraprincess said...

Very nice pictures, I hope I can upgrade my computer to get some nice screenshots like that. Hope you do come on over to FFXIV, I enjoy the blog^^.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buttons it's Snick-taru o.o

I am still at a dilemma of what to do XD Fievel said he wants to go play with his brother, but I dunno if I wanna, I got friends going to other servers, even have a friend or two on Mysdia, so it sounds tempting. I'll try to work Fievel over O.O

Also you should come to Fenrir :3 Fie, Nightfyre and I pretty much play just us 3 to everything we do and I've never had more fun haha :O